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How can I check the accumulation point in my account?

You can log in to your account and check the point on your account summary, or click ‘Points Balance/Transaction’ under Watsons Membership to see the history of your point transaction.

How can I use the point that I’ve earned?

You can redeem your point on your next transaction with a conversion 1 point = Rp 100. Also, you can keep collecting points from several transactions and redeem your points with a higher value on your future transaction.

If I return a product that I’ve purchased because of some reason, will the point earned to my account diminished?

1.      If you choose to change the product with a same value, then no point will be diminished.

2.      If you choose to return the product, the point that you’ve earned before will be diminished from your account and you will receive cash money from your product return.

3.      If you want to return the product and your point isn’t enough to be diminished, you can only change a product with the same value.

4.      If you want to return the product that you redeemed before with full or some points, you can only change with the product which has the same value because the points that have been redeemed cannot be transferred back.

Is there any minimum and maximum point that can be redeemed?

You can redeem minimum 1 point equal Rp 100. Please notice that you can’t redeem higher than your current point, but you can redeem all your points in one transaction.

Is there any minimum transaction to join Watsons Membership Program?

No, there isn’t. You only have to purchase Watsons membership card at Watsons store and activate it on the spot or online.

How can I earn point?

You can earn point whenever you shop at Watsons store and eStore. You will get a point for every Rp 20.000 purchase. Don’t forget to earn bonus point on selected products. To redeem your point, you have to show your member card to our staff.

What if I lost my card?

Report your lost card as soon as possible. How to report your lost card :

1.      Visit

2.      Log in to your account

3.      Report your lost card

4.      Click Submit


How to activate Watsons membership card online?

1.      Visit or download Watsons Indonesia mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

2.      Click sign up / activate card.

3.      Fill the card number and 6 digit of your password.

4.      Click Submit.

5.      Follow the instruction showed on screen and make sure to re-check the personal information you’ve filled before finishing the activation process.

*For the account password, make a password length 8 – 20 digit and contain at least 1 number and a capital alphabet. Example: Watsons1

6.      Complete the activation process by putting the activation code sent to your phone number via SMS.


How can I deactivate my Watsons membership/online account? Can I activate my account again if it has been deactivated?

If you are a Watsons Member, do note that Watsons Membership is for lifetime which allows you to earn & redeem points for your purchase, enjoy member's benefits etc. If you deactivate your account, you will not be able to enjoy all the members’ benefits.
If you are not a Watsons Member but have previously created an online account and would like to deactivate it, please send in your request through

Please note that the deactivation process for both the Watsons membership or online account is irreversible. If you would like to enjoy the Watsons membership benefits or shop on Watsons Online again in the future, you would need to sign up for a new account. 

How to get a Watsons membership card?

You can get a Watsons membership card with these easy steps:

1.      Purchase Watsons membership card at the nearest Watsons store.

2.      Activate your card at Watsons store or call our customer service hotline at 021-30022833 (Monday – Friday, 08.30 am – 06.30 pm)

Or you can register at or download Watsons Indonesia mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store


Do Watsons membership card has an expiry date and point accumulation?

Watsons membership card offers a lifetime membership, whether points that has been credited to your card has different expiry date. Points that have been issued valid until the end of next year. For example, point that issued on June 2018 valid until 31 December 2019 (except there is any different condition)

Does my point automatically appear on website after I did a purchase?

Your current amount of point will be updated one day after your transaction. So, we recommend you to check your point one day after your transaction.

Can I redeem my point on online transaction?

Yes, you can redeem your point on online purchase at or Watsons mobile app. Log in to your account before you place your order and check out. You can set how many points that you want to redeem from your total points.

Can I redeem my point to cash?

No, you can’t.

What if I forgot to bring the member card?

You still can earn points by mentioning the registered phone number. But, you can’t redeem your points without bringing your member card.

Card Activation

Via Website

  • Click "Your Account" and select "Register/Activate Member".
  • Select Yes on the question “Do you have a Watsons member card?”.
  • Then enter the card number on the back of your member card.
  • Enter the first password on the back of your member card.
  • Click Next.
  • Complete your personal data then click Submit.
  • Enter the OTP code sent via SMS.
  • Your member card is already active.


Via App

  • Download the WatsonsID app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Enter the application and select "My Account" at the bottom right.
  • Then select "Register/Activate Card' at the top right.
  • Then select "Yes I have a Card".
  • Enter the 11-digit member number and password on the back of the member card.
  • Complete the data and click "Submit".
  • Enter the OTP code sent via SMS.
  • Your member card is already active.


Aktivasi Member Watsons
Can I transfer my points from my lost card to the new card?

Yes, you can. You can call our customer service hotline to help you transfer your points after you purchase the new Watsons membership card.

Can I get the member card’s benefit as soon as I get my card?

Yes, you can earn your points as soon as possible. But, to use your point and your birthday treat on your birthday month, you need to activate your card first. How to activate your card.

Where can I use Watsons membership card?

You can use Watsons membership card at Watsons stores in Indonesia and eStore.

Can I share my Watsons membership card with others for member benefit?

Sharing Watsons membership card is prohibited because it’s risky and can be misused.

If my Watsons membership card got stolen by someone, can he/she read my personal information from that card?

No. Except the barcode, Watsons membership card doesn’t have any personal information printed on the card.

Are there maximum points to get in 1 day?

Yes, There's maximum points per day. 

For the maximum points gained per day is 500 points. When on one day you get 500 points, the next spend on the same day will not get points, unless the purchase is done the next day.
If you want to ask further questions, you can contact our customer service directly.
Member Benefits

Member Benefits

  • Free Online Voucher Rp 30.000
  • Free Point Exchange Products
  • Shopping earn Points
  • Extra Discount
  • Special Birthday Gift
  • Member-only vouchers
  • Free shipping
  • Free Pharmacist Consultation