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Getting a perm can bring you a new curly or straight hairstyle. It can last up to half-year with proper care. Using the right styling products can help to retain the shape of curls. If you want to last your permed hair even longer, you should pay attention to the following points for hair care!

Woman washing her hair in shower

(1) Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

After the perm, your hair takes time to fully form the curls. Don’t wash your permed hair for the first 2 days. Besides, water will deactivate the curls. Try to wash your hair every two or three days. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water will dry out your hair and damage the cuticles. Your hair will become brittle.

Woman with dying her hair in front of mirror in her own bathroom.

(2) Avoid Hair Colouring

Spending several hours in the salon to get a perm is time-consuming. You may want to dye your hair at the same time. Stop! Your permed hair is dehydrated and cannot afford too much strong and harsh chemicals in one time. Give your hair enough time to recover. You should not dye your hair for 2 weeks before and after getting a perm.

Hair care products on wooden table on neutral background. Copy space.

(3) Moisturize and Condition

Invest money in shampoos and conditioners to treat your hair! Ensure your permed hair is hydrated all the time. You are better to pick the shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair or curl-defining. They can provide extra moisture and nutrients for your hair. Avoid brushing your wet permed hair. This will make your hair frizzy and flatten your curls. Just detangle your hair gently with using a wide-tooth comb.

Shot of an attractive young woman blowdrying her hair in the bathroom

(4) Avoid Using Heat for Hair Styling

Strong chemicals are used to reshape your hair when you are getting a perm. Your permed hair is weak and will be broken easily. Avoid using hair straightener or curler for styling. Heat will damage your permed hair. It will loosen and flatten your curls. Avoid using the hair dryer with high temperature to blow dry your hair. It will create frizz and split ends. You can apply the heat protectant to your hair in advance to minimize the damage.


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