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How to embrace summer heat with sweat literally? Heavy make-up is definitely a “no-no” when there is a mixture of humid air, salty ocean, and sweat. How to make your summer life easier without giving in your gorgeous look? Keep reading down to learn 4 summer make-up tips, according to Instagram influencers.

1. Exfoliate your skin

When it comes to summer, exfoliation becomes a must do skin care routine. Why?  The secret of having a perfect summer make-up is healthy skin complexion. Prior to applying any foundation, it is important to remove the dead skin cell first, especially extra oil, sweat, and dust are on top of the skin surface. After exfoliating your skin, your skin is clean itself, you just need a very thin layer of foundation to achieve a flawless skin complexion!

Beautiful young woman with perfect skin removing makeup with cleansing brush, device for household Washing and massage Face, applying spa procedures, Female facial skin care, clean the pores of dirt

2. Go for tinted moisturizer

If you don’t think BB cream or CC cream is a good idea for summer, you might need something lighter and oil-free. Then, tinted moisturizer is what you need for summer! Not only does it help you to moisturize your skin, but it also provides minimum coverage and sun protection. If you want to go for a beach day, tinted moisturizer will be a wise option!

beauty girl of half latina and half asian who checks her skin, skin care, acne treatment

3. Conceal your pore

Since this is summertime, our ultimate goal is to achieve flawless skin complexion. So, the next thing to do is to conceal your pores. You don’t want to conceal everywhere under t 40 Celsius degree, we recommend you just conceal on your pores only, keep your make-up light.

Concealer stick. Charming beautiful woman using concealer stick while putting makeup on

4. Apply SPF lip balm

SPF sunscreen the most important thing for a summer skincare routine, nobody will forget to apply to before going out. Yet, we always forget we put nothing on your soft and plump lips to protect damage from sun ray. If you don’t want your lip to become dry or burn, you will have to apply SPF lip balm which keeps your lips moisturized. Just like sunscreen, it is better to reapply SPF lip balm every two hours!

woman applying balsam on lips


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