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Apart from handwashing, social distancing is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of disease. Health experts and the government have asked us to stay home and avoid social gatherings. We should keep at least 6 feet away from others when we are going out. However, social distancing doesn’t mean being alone. Here are the best ways of staying connected with others.  Let’s stay healthy and positive.

1. Connect Digitally

A POV photo of a group of people hanging out online on a video chat during a pandemic lockdown

Technology helps break isolation and build community during social distancing to reduce feelings of loneliness. Different social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connect us digitally throughout the world. Meanwhile, many free platforms combining mobile phones, computers, and tablets with videoconferencing software and apps, which allow us to interact with people or groups face-to-face.

2. Stream a Virtual Class

Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during lockdown in self isolation.

How to stay healthy and positive thinking during staying home? Stream a virtual class such as cooking class and exercise tutorials are good ways. Due to the suspension of schools, students still can attend online classes to keep in touch with their schoolmates. You can also stream cooking, workout, or yoga tutorials via mobile apps or YouTube to get active and stay healthy.

3. Multiplayer Online Gaming

gamer work space concept, top view a gaming gear, mouse, keyboard, joystick, headset, mobile joystick, in ear headphone and mouse pad on black table background.

Multiplayer online gaming with a live chatroom is a great way to let all parties play together while social distancing. Most video game systems are interactive and available for multiplayer. Even they can use headsets to talk with other players in real-time. It is also an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world.

4. Make a Phone Call

Young Freelancer Talking on Phone and Using Laptop, Sitting on Carpet at Home

How about making a phone call to your friends and family? Although many digital alternatives available nowadays, hearing someone’s voice can be enough to lift both your spirits. Asking someone how they’re doing can eliminate their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Even you tried to call them but in vain, you can leave a voicemail to let them know you were thinking about them that is a good medicine.


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