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During summertime, we are more likely to spend times outdoors. And the summer heat and humidity make your hair and scalp greasy. Read on and learn how to maintain smooth and shiny hair throughout the day.

Keep your conditioner off your scalp

Indeed, hair conditioner can moisturize your dry hair during winter. But applying conditioner all over your head in summer will definitely weigh your hair down. And your roots will get oilier as a result. It is suggested to apply conditioner from mid-shaft to ends to make your hair less greasy during the day.

stylist squeezes balsam on his hand

Use dry shampoo

It is regarded as a lifesaver to make your hair less greasy immediately. It can absorb excess dirt and grease in your hair without the use of water. You can simply sprinkle the powder onto your scalp and massage for around one minute. Such an act can create volume for your fine hair and avoid the greasy look.

Women itching scalp damaged hair, Haircare concept.

Curl your hair

Your hair will get greasier when your hair lies to your head closely. It is suggested to avoid straightening hair in the summer that only make your hair oilier quickly. Instead, you can lightly curl your hair to give a little more volume at the roots to prevents hair from getting greasy.

Cropped portrait of a beautiful young woman brushing her hair in the bathroom at home

Try not to touch your hair

No matter it’s with your fingertips or face, both contain oils or dirt that can make your hair greasy. You should try not to touch or play with your hair to avoid transferring the oil to make your hair less greasy.

Cropped portrait of a beautiful young woman stretching her gar out in the bathroom at home


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