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K-beauty has become a buzzword in recent years, as Korean beauty trends have taken the world by storm, from “glass skin” to straight brows to gradient lips. Are you a big fan of K-beauty? If the answer is yes, read on! Here we have rounded up the 4 biggest Korean makeup trends that will be huge in 2019. Let’s find out the key makeup trends that your favourite Korean celebrities will likely be sporting next season.

Smiling Korean girl applying moisturizer on her face

#1 Your Skin, But Better

It’s all about going for less makeup and more skin, rather than over-contouring and over-concealing for a flawless complexion. A K-beauty cushion compact foundation is exactly what you need to have in your makeup bag. This all-in-one game-changer can provide instant hydration to your dry skin with an airy texture and create a natural sheen without the awful shine. 

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#2 Make Your Lips Pop

The bold lip trend isn’t going anywhere, and lips will still be the center of attention with cheerful pops of colors. Forget pink or nude shades, make a statement and paint your pout with intense hues – think scarlet red, bright coral, orange-red. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup natural and go easy on the eye shadow and blush, so to avoid taking away the impact of your bold lips.

1239 pic_2

#3 Keep It Monochromatic

Monochromatic makeup is probably the easiest trend to try. How monochromatic are we talking here? Coordinate all your eye, cheek and lip makeup under the same shade family. In fact, Koreans are no stranger to the monochromatic makeup game, and they are hopelessly obsessed with soft colors like pink and peach.

1239 pic_3

#4 High-shine Pout

Matte or glossy? Yup, high-shine, juicy-looking lip look is officially back on the beauty scene for 2019 while matte lip is going to take a back seat for a bit. Get your shine on with a light-catching shimmery lip gloss that surprisingly goes well with natural, dewy look.

Female mouth puckering

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