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You might have wondered how to get amazing hair and said “I woke up like this”. But if you haven’t changed your hair care routine since high school, you should more attention to get healthy hair. Read on to find out the best hair routine that is right for you.

Know your hair type

We often are not aware of our hair type. But it is an important step to get amazing hair when you shop for the right hair care products or hair styling tools. Hair density, diameter, porosity, greasiness, elasticity, and curl pattern are the factors o determine your hair type. And, there are 4 categories to determine your hair type: straight, wavy, curl and coiled.

young woman is touching her hair in bathroom at home

Figure out your hair needs

After determining your hair type, you should decide what is your hair concerns and needs. If you have colored your hair or used so much heat styling, it may damage your hair. if your hair stands up and resists being tamed. You may have frizzy hair that is dry and lacks moisture. If your hair lays so flat and reflects light, the hair product you used may be too heavy that leaves you a shine hair.

Woman standing with her back and demonstrates luxurious hairstyle

Hair care routine

  1. Use Coconut Oil in the evening before washing your hair
  2. Brush hair before washing your hair
  3. Shampooing your hair and use a conditioner along the ends of your hair
  4. Brush & Blow dry your hair
  5. Apply a nourishing serum for split ends

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