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Online shopping has now become an inseparable part of our lives. Various types of needs can be obtained as easily as moving a finger on the screen of our gadgets, which is primarily a smartphone. No exception for needs related to health and self-care. Yes, skincare products, hair care, and vitamin supplements are among the most popular purchases online! Now you can also feel the convenience when ordering these products online by installing the Watsons ID mobile application! It’s more than online shopping vouchers that you can find there. Let’s take a peek!

The number 1 health and beauty outlet in Asia, is now available on the Watsons ID app with the latest version! Watsons has completely improved and developed the app’s performance so that your shopping experience will be more enjoyable and easier. Find amazing Watsons exclusive offers and promotions, anywhere, 24/7 with the Watsons ID mobile app. Here are some of the newest features that you can find:

  1. Try makeup virtually
    With the #ColourMe feature in the Watsons ID App, you can try all kinds of makeup and swatches, virtually and easily! Come shop for your favorite colors and styles, and try all the great recommendations made by our beauticians.
  2. Virtual membership card
    No longer need to carry around your Watsons Card. Simply open your virtual card while shopping at Watsons online store to collect points and get member-only discounts!
  3. Coupons and vouchers
    Looking for discounts when shopping? Don’t worry, because there are always exclusive coupons in our online shop waiting for you! Do check the app often to make sure you don’t miss out on exclusive offers and online shopping vouchers from Watsons.
  4. Find out more
    The Watsons ID app is the right place for you to get inspired! For health enthusiasts, our BMI/BMR Calculator can help you reach your health goals. Also learn about the latest health and beauty trends from Watsons experts and bloggers.

So what are you waiting for? Download and install the Watsons ID app now to enjoy the new Watsons online shopping experience!

For Android OS users:

Watsons ID Android install - get online shopping vouchers

For iOS users:

Watsons-ID-iOS download and get online shopping vouchers (and more!)


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