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The festive party season is just around the corner. Getting your New Year’s Eve party hairstyle right is not that easy, and it is just as important as your makeup and outfit. Not to worry, we have got you covered. Read on and check out our party hairstyles guide with a few no-fuss hairstyle options for you to get yourself party-ready.

#1 Messy Bun

Keep it cute and laid back with a messy bun that is totally hassle-free. Make good use of a root lift spray to get extra volume at the crown of the head before working your hair into a ponytail. Then, wrap the stray ends around the bun and secure them with hair pins. Slightly mess your hair with your fingers to keep your hairstyle airy and loose.  

Photo of a young brunette who loves to party

#2 Bow Top Knot

Getting this eccentric hairdo done is easier than it seems. To start with, pull your hair into a looped bun on top of your head. Split the bun in half to create two loops to make the bow and pull the rest of the ponytail over the center of it. Secure the ponytail strands with hair pins. A finishing spray is key here to freeze the look.

Attractive surprised young woman wearing sunglasses on checkered background, beauty and fashion concept

#3 Classic Waves

Get in touch with your feminine side with classic waves. Prep your hair with a heat protection serum before using a medium curling tong to create loose and rolling waves. Then use fingers to break up the curls and finish with a hairspray to hold the look in place.

Young woman in a celebratory cap fooling around at a party on the background of falling confetti

#4 Edgy French Braids

Create French braids to suit your edgy vibe. First, comb through your hair to disentangle knots. Part your hair in the middle and begin the French braid. Finish by securing it with an elastic tie. Repeat on the other side. 

Beautiful Woman with Healthy Long Hair Braid. White background not isolated

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