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Meditation seems like a serious word that must go to a specific mysterious place to get relax. The fact is any comfortable and peaceful environment can be a place to meditate. Start meditation with soft music and aroma. It will be more effective in letting go of your thoughts and let your mind rest. Simple 4 steps to practice meditation, letting yourself enjoy the 10-minute quiet period every day.

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1st step: sit down

Either sitting on a chair or on the ground, in lotus position or cross-legged, just a comfortably sitting down can start for meditation. Then, straighten your arm and back, relax your whole body, place your hands on your knees, palm face up. Start to close your eyes, relax your facial muscles from the eyes to nose, then from your lips to tongue. Stay focused on your breathing.

Businesswoman taking a break in office chair

2nd Step: Focus on breathing

You don’t have to deliberately control the frequency of your breathing. Just pay attention to your breathing depth and rate. Quietly feel your own breathing for tension and relaxation.

Keep relaxing your shoulders. Inhale, then exhale. Count your breathing rhythm to 10, repeat until the breathing go smoothly.

Front view portrait of beautiful young woman wearing white tank top working out against grey wall, resting after doing yoga exercises, using nadi shodhana pranayama technique. Full length

3rd Step: Meditation

When your breathing is steady, you can focus on your mind. You can imagine you are in nature, at the beach, in a park lying on the grass, or anywhere in the world. Then focusing on the surrounding environment falling leaves, the rhythm of the sea breeze etc, to enjoy the silent moment.

Young female runner warming up before running at morning park, back view

Fourth Step: The end

There may be different thoughts come up in mind during meditation. In this situation, you only need to refocus on your breathing frequency, let the thoughts calm down. After 5 -10 minutes of meditation, you can open your eyes and back to normal breathing frequency.

Office woman stretching body for relaxing while working with laptop computer at her desk, office lifestyle, business situation

Meditation can be done once or twice a day. You can try to increase your meditation time by 5 minutes a week after your first practice. When you get used to the practice of meditation, you feel like you can sit for a longer time and get relaxed gradually.


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