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It is no longer women’s privilege to talk about skin care or makeup products. When you see those handsome Korean guys trim their eyebrow or wearing simple makeup, it is time for you to think about grooming! You don’t have to follow women complex skin care routines; yet, it is important to stay clean and charming. If you want to give others a very good impression, you must own these 5 grooming essentials!

1) Deep cleaning face cleanser and scrub

Yes! Men do need a proper deep cleaning face cleanser. Why? Your face is full of dust and dirt from the road; needless to say, it is more dirt after a sweaty gym or ballgames session. Both of sweat, dirt and dust would stay on the skin without cleaning properly; it is how the acne or blackhead forms. Using deep cleaning face wash, formulated cleanser will take out all the dirt from your skin, keep your skin soft and clean.

Man washing face in morning and practicing hygiene

2) Aftershave

Being clean is the new masculinity! Many guys will find their face getting red or feeling burn after shaving thanks to an old and clogged razor. Applying right aftershave will soothe your skin and keep your skin hydrated. So, you will always look clean and confident after shaving!

Healthy positive male treating sking with lotion after shaving

3) SPF Sunscreen

It is tempting to get wheatish skin like those Hollywood Stars; yet, they never tell you they actually put on a lot of SPF sunscreen during their Caribbean holiday. Using sunscreen daily, it blocks Sun’s ray, dirt and harm from your skin. Better yet, sunscreen will improve your skin tone and texture; also, it prevent your skin from aging!

4) Body spray

You don’t want to be the guy drenched yourself in cologne and choke everybody next to you! Yet, you want to keep yourself smell refreshing after bath or workout; lightweight body spray is very handy to keep you clean and fresh!

5) Eye creams

Your eyes always tell people if you are energetic or exhausted, they also indicate your age! Treating your eyes with right eye creams will benefit you to get rid of your dark circle, firming delicate skin around your eye. After few months, you will find yourself looking younger by feast with eye creams!


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