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Party time! No matter you are hosting a house party or going to ones, you still want to look best in a party. A house party doesn’t require a lot of makeup but appropriate make-up can make you stand out in the house party. Let’s get some inspiration from this article to get a perfect party look.

Party wear

For the party dress, you should first dress up base on party themes or specific dress-code style. It is not required to dress up disco wears for the house parties normally. You can go for girly dresses, skinny jeans, hot pants, heel shoes and a tote bag which are basic enough for a house parties.

Shouting beautiful young woman in pink mini dress posing with hands on chin. Three quarter length studio shot on turquoise background.

Hair style

Hot curls and straight hair are the well-known hair style in parties. If there is enough time to get ready and you want to tie your hair, ponytails and types of braids creates a fresh and trendy look. But remember to keep your hair style simple in house parties.

Female Back. Bridal or Prom Hairstyle

Eye makeup

For the house parties, the makeup should be light, otherwise you will look a clown. Want to give a shine look but still stay low-profile? Coloured eye shadow or mascara would help. Different colours can highlight your eyes among the crowds, help create a gorgeous and special look in parties.

Close up of a gorgeous smile of a beautiful happy blonde woman. Her lips are painted with bright red lipstick, skin is soft and natural. Photographed on daylight, isolated on black background.

Lip makeup

For a house party, light make up is preferred, so try to avoid dark shade lipstick. Apply lip balm on lips and put on lip gloss to create juicy lip looks. And your lips can shine for a long time in party.

Close up view of young beautiful caucasian woman face isolated over white background. Lips contouring, SPA therapy, skincare, cosmetology and plastic surgery concept

Nail makeup

Most people forgot to paint their nail, but it can ideal your party outfits. Give your nail a desired shape, then apply base colour and your favourite nail polish. Finish perfectly your party outfits.

Manicure with rhinestones in the shape of hearts and pink balls on white and red nail Polish on a white background.


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