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No matter you decide to wear a dab of clear lip balm or a full lip of brilliant red, each choice of lip color says something about you. The choices we make before leaving the house each day can hold much more meaning than we might think. When you want to know someone personality, read on to check how the lipstick color reveals.

Bright Red

If you find someone is a fan of bright red lips, it is all about creating a bold statement. This kind of women is passionate and ambitious. She doesn’t mind being the center of attention and always ready to be a leader on a team or at work. Being admired maybe their favourite.

Woman applying lipstick. Model painted red lips. Beauty face with perfect fresh skin. Beauty concept


A mauve shade contains shades of both violet and gray. This color reveals mysterious and quiet. This refers to a woman is organized and patient. She knows exactly what she is doing and will prefer to plan precisely rather than have a rash decision.

beutiful female face with hands and purple lips


Nude lip reveals a shy personality. But shy doesn’t refer to cool. They are warm and caring once they open up. Occasionally you may think that they don’t like you during the first meet. You will find out how sweet and kind the shy woman brings to you. She can be a reliable friend in the future.

Beauty woman lips and neck. Natural nude make-up, clean skin. Facial skincare health treatment. White background


Women who go with a coral lip tend to have a positive personality in life. They are extremely optimistic, active and youthful at heart. They can find a way in every situation. They are easy to make friends and absolutely a food-lover.


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