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We all want to minimize pores. As dermatologists say, pores allow the skin to breathe and are the passageway between the inside of the body and the outside. It is true that pores are totally necessary for our skin, but can we make them less noticeable. Here are the tips to make the pores smaller.

Wash your face

The most important way to shrink pores is to start with a cleaning routine. Dirt and grease not only clog the pores, but also expand and appear larger. When you cleanse your face daily and exfoliate regularly, it helps keep pores clean. It is also suggested to cleanse twice a day. If you only cleanse once a day, you better cleanse at the nighttime before going to sleep. It is important to remove the makeup and dirt before sleep.

Young woman washing face with clean water in bathroom

Exfoliate regularly

While keeping your face clean daily is so crucial, exfoliating regularly is also the skincare regimen you shouldn’t miss. It helps to rid the skin of dead skin and keep your complexion look its best. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. don’t over-exfoliate the skin otherwise, you can end up irritating and leading your pores to appear even larger.

Smiling woman with short hair, bald cleans the skin coffee skrub, studio shot, close-up portrait

Hands off your face

Skincare rule no. 1: Keep your hands off your face. The bacteria on your fingers can transfer to your face and make their way into your pores. It is ok to clean your face using hands but remember to minimize the time you spend touching your face. Picking at clogged pores can be tempting. Also, it usually results in an angrier blemish, blood, scabbing and even scarring.

Close up photo of amazing attractive pretty she her lady with cute buns both hands pales up raised laugh laughter glad about prices wearing white pullover isolated on bright rose background

sunscreen every day

You may have heard it a thousand times: SPF is a crucial part of your skincare routine. UV and pollution cause free radicals that not only break down the collagen and elastin in the skin, but also make your pores look larger. Sunscreen is the perfect solution to protect your skin and smooth over pores.

Asian women applying face lotion.


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