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When it comes to school days, you are too busy for a heavy make-up and you don’t want to project a wrong impression to your professors or your school mates. Yet, you want to look smart during your presentation and student activities. What to do? Let’s learn about this ultimate natural make-up guide! 

Step 1: Moisturize and oil control before make-up

You are busy with lessons, activities or part time job, so you want your make-up lasts longer and looks flawless. What is the key thing to do? Your skin must be hydrated enough; you can simply apply moisturizer on your face after cleansing and let your skin absorb the moisture. Then, it is important to work on the oil control by applying oil control on your T-zone and your chin.

Beautiful young woman applying anti-aging cream on her face

Step 2: Natural looking foundation

When you are doing the natural make-up, a natural looking foundation is the key basis for you. You want your skin looks naturally dewy without a thick layer of foundation. You can use the glow cushion to vivify your skin tone, then, you may conceal your pores or dark eye circle by dabbing the folded glow cushion.

The woman who is doing makeup

Step 3: Lock the base face make-up

After setting the natural foundation, you want to make sure your make-up last all day by dusting face powder on T- zone area or chin. Even you are doing a natural make-up, you can still contour for a more angular bone structure. You can simply use eye shadow 1-2 shades darker than your normal skin tone. Want to achieve the V-shape face? You may apply dark shade along the jawline and hallows of the cheeks; then, apply light shade to the high points of the face, like the tops of cheeks and bridge of nose, and blend well.

The woman who is doing makeup

Step 4: Groom the eyebrow

With grooming your eyebrow little bit, it is definitely a plus for your natural look. Firstly, you can start with comb your eyebrow hair. Then, you can use brow pencil or powders to bridge the gap, you should use short dash strokes when you mimic your brow hair. When you choose the colour of brow pencil or powder which is best match with the colour of your brow and hair!

The woman who is doing makeup

Step 5: Add some colors on your lips

To make your lips look natural, you just need to have some colours on it so that it wouldn’t look dry and pale. For example, you may use nude tone colour lipstick just to make your lip look fuller and a bit shiny!

The woman who is doing makeup


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