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Taking a shower seems simple enough that we can have a pleasant moment after a long day. Although showering does remove dirt and promote relaxation, it can be harmful to our skin. Read on to find out the common shower mistakes and correct it asap.

Scrubbing too much or too hard

Exfoliating can remove dead skin, but overly scrubbing can lead to dry skin, irritation, redness and rashes. To protect your skin during scrubbing, it is suggested to use the natural exfoliator made with coconut milk, sea salt, almond oil or body sugar to help relieve dryness and flakiness and create soft and smooth skin.

Body care, skin peeling. Massaging the back.

Not hydrating at the right time

We all know that it is important to apply body lotion after showering. But some of us may not be hydrating at the right time. the right time of applying body moisturizer to skin is while the water still running rather than applying it after you shut off the water and towel off. Such a method can lock in moisture before you even get out of the shower.

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A dirty loofah

We love to rub the sponge on our skin, but letting your loofah hang in your warm, moist shower is not a good idea at all. It leads an overload of yeast, bacteria, and mold to fill with your loofah. The best ways to avoid rubbing your skin with germs and bacteria is to invest in an antibacterial sponge or replace it after three weeks.

Woman with wet hair standing using a peeling glove in a shower rubbing her shoulder to remove dead cells and rejuvenate her skin in a personal hygiene, skincare and beauty concept, view from behind

Taking hot showers too long

We all enjoy a long hot shower especially on a cold day, but it is harsh on your skin. Hot showers strip the natural oils from your skin and can make your eczema worse and itching. It is suggested to shower with lukewarm water and try to keep the shower within 10 minutes.

Singing in the shower. Natural Beauty Portrait beautiful young woman with a towel wrapped around her hair, after showering. In the bathroom.


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