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Dark circles are one of the common skin problems. Dark circles under the eyes make you look tired and older. Know more the causes of dark circles to prevent the formation.  Here are some treatments to get rid of dark circles and brighten the skin underneath your eyes.

Tired businesswoman rubbing eyes in office

(1) Fatigue

Lack of sleep is the most common cause of dark circles. When you are fatigued, your blood circulation is being affected. Blood cannot be normally drained in the veins under your eyes. This leads to fluid accumulates underneath. The skin under your eyes will appear red, purple or blue tints. In consequence, dull and pale lower eyelids form dark circles.

Solution: Getting extra sleep is the natural treatment to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. If you are overstressed or suffering from insomnia, you can exercise more or take sleeping pills for better sleep.

Asian woman applying facial lotion or moisturizer on her face.Close up.

(2) Natural Aging

Natural aging is another common cause of dark circles. As you age, your skin becomes slack and thinner because you tend to lose fat and collagen. This will make the blood vessels underneath your eyes more obvious. Due to the same cause, swollen eyelids and hollows will be developed under the eyes to form dark circles.

Solution: Aging is an inevitable process. We can use makeup products like concealers or colour correctors to cover dark circles. Besides, applying eye cream containing retinol and gently massage the skin surrounding the eyes can promote better blood circulation and brighten the skin. 

Young beautiful woman touching skin in bathroom. Unhappy girl standing in towel, looking in the mirror, checking dry irritated skin. Morning skincare routine.

(3) Dehydration

Dark circles can be a signal of dehydration. When your body is lacking water, the skin of lower eyelids looks dull. Your sunken eyes will make dark circles more visible due to their close proximity to the underlying bone.

Solution: Ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water including eating the fresh fruits daily. Water helps to increase your blood flow to prevent dark circles under the eyes. Remember to stay away from caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol which dehydrate your body.

Young Asian woman touch the eye white background

(4) Allergies

The skin underneath the eyes is the thinnest part of our body. Allergies like eczema will cause the dilatation of blood vessel. These swollen blood vessels will appear darker surrounding your eyes. Some makeup products like mascara, eyeshadow may lead to skin irritation. Rubbing and scratching the itchy eyelids will worsen the dark circles.

Solution: Eat more foods high in Vitamin K such as spinach, broccoli can reduce blood clotting and strengthen capillary walls to avoid blood leakage.


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