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All of us are facing the same challenge during the summer. How to get rid of the greasy and shiny face? Hot weather makes you sweat and your makeup sliding off. Here are some tips to keep your skin oil-free throughout a day. Let’s start to change your skincare routine and diet!

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

(1) Wash Your Face Properly

Use a gentle cleansing gel to clean your face with lukewarm water twice a day. Stay away from harsh facial cleansers and don’t use hot water to wash your face. Too frequent face cleansing will strip natural oils and moisture of your skin. Dry skin tends to produce more oils. This will make your face oily and shiny. The most important thing is keeping your skin hydrated. Remember to apply an oil-free moisturizer immediately after face cleansing.

Sunscreen bottles arranged on a bright yellow background

(2) Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Hot weather makes you sweat. The sun will increase oil secretion of skin. Use the right sunscreen to fight against sun damage. Choose a sunscreen with mattifying and built-in SPF30++++ formula to stay away from the harmful UV rays. It is a good pick to provide enough skin protection and keep your face oil-free.

Spicy Chicken Wings with Hot Chili Jam, Baked Potatoes and Purple Carrots

(3) Avoid Unhealthy Foods and Beverage

Foods like carrot, pumpkin and broccoli are high in Vitamin A, which can lower oil secretion. Stay away from alcohol, fried and spicy foods. They will dilate blood vessels and deteriorate your oily skin problems. Limit yourself! A healthy diet with drinking lots of water can keep your skin oil-free and free of the breakout.

Young asian skin care woman smile and use oil blotting paper on her face

(4) Use a Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is the best pick to soak up the excess oils and avoid cakey makeup. It is handy and you can apply it to the oily areas like forehead and nose to absorb excess oil by pressing there for a few seconds. It will not make your skin too dry and clog the pores.


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