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How to cover the pimples, breakouts and acne scars on your face seamlessly? Do you make the common mistakes below when you are concealing the flaws?

Brush set makeup, beauty salon

Mistake (1): Dirty Makeup Tools

Do you know to keep using dirty makeup tools is the main reason that leads to painful red breakouts? The makeup tools provide a moist and warm environment to breed bacteria. Oils, dust, dirt also accumulate on the makeup brushes and sponges. You will press them into your pores again and again. Bacteria spread and form the pimples and breakouts. For the hygiene issue, you should clean your makeup tools regularly.

Smears of concealer for face. Isolated on white background

Mistake (2): Wrong Colour Corrector/ Concealer Colour

A full coverage foundation can mask almost whiteheads. However, concealer will slip off easily as the pimples are oily. How to and which colour corrector can conceal the angry red bumps perfectly? The best way is using green colour corrector to cancel the redness of pimples and breakouts. If you use orange colour corrector or without using a colour corrector, this will make the skin problems more obvious. Besides, you should choose the right colour shade of concealer, which matches your skin tone. If the colour shade of concealer is much lighter than your skin tone, the pimples will become spotlights on your face.

Makeup artist applies skintone. Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeup. Skincare foundation. Sponge makeup artist

Mistake (3): Using Fingers/Wrong Type of Makeup Brushes

Avoid using your fingers to apply makeup! This will spread bacteria and your breakouts cannot be healed properly. If you use a wrong makeup brush to apply concealer, it will brush off the concealer to leave a bald spot or irritate the pimples. You can use a makeup sponge to tap the concealer over the pimples. Then, blend the edge of pimples gently without touching the pimples.

Mistake (4): Applying Too Heavy Makeup

Don’t apply too much concealer and setting powder over the pimples. Heavy makeup will clog your pores and make the pimples more severe. Also, your makeup will look cakey. We recommend using light-weight and hydrating liquid concealer to mask the pimples first. Then, lightly dust translucent setting powder by using a fluffy brush or use a setting spray to hold the makeup. These steps can prevent crusty and flaky pimples.


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