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Struggling with shiny T-zone? Getting your oily T-zone area under control can be a challenge, but it’s not an impossible one.  Read on and discover skincare tips for managing your greasy T-zone so you can kiss that excess shine goodbye.

What’s T-zone?

Your T-zone is the T-shaped area of the face consisting of the forehead, nose, chin and area around the mouth. This problem area may look greasier than the rest of the face. Read on and find out the reason why.

Why is it oily?

Women hand holding blue Oil absorbing blotting sheets to remove excess oil on oily face  on white background.

Sebaceous glands are concentrated around the T-zone area. When the sebaceous glands become overactive and therefore produce more sebum making the T-zone greasy. Here are the most likely reasons that trigger the sebaceous glands to go on an overdrive and cause an oily T-zone.

  1. Genetics
  2. Humidity
  3. Hot weather
  4. Over-washing
  5. Wrong choice of skincare/makeup products
  6. Poor diet
  7. Hormonal changes

How to deal with an oily T-zone?

Struggle with keeping the shine factor to a minimum? Here’s what you need to do to win the battle with your oily T-zone and banish excess oil for good. Goodbye, shine!

  1. Pick gel or foaming cleansers instead of using alcohol-based cleanser
  2. Make alcohol-free toner part of your skincare regimen
  3. Exfoliate & unclog your skin at least once a week to clear dead skin cells, whiteheads, and all the oil build-up
  4. Use oil-Free/water-based moisturizer
  5. Carry blotting papers with you

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