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The ultimate guide on face masks

How does face mask work?

Face masks are loaded with loaded with beneficial ingredients to improve the appearance and quality of the skin. They are designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to the skin.

You may wonder, “Does face mask actually work?” The answer is yes! By occluding the skin through creating a physical barrier between the air and your skin, face mask drives the active ingredients deep into the skin and allows the skin to soak up more of them.

Types of face mask

Most sheet and gel masks aim to hydrate and moisturize the skin; while peel, clay and charcoal masks generally target at deep cleansing your skin and pores.

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Frequently asked questions about face masks

When to use face mask in a skincare routine?

Face masks can be added to any skincare routine. For when to insert the mask, it depends on what type of mask it is. But rule #1 is, always cleanse your face thoroughly before applying any mask.

If the mask is supposed to be washed off, apply it after you cleanse your skin and before the rest of your skincare routine.

If it is a sleeping mask, apply it after cleansing, toner and essence and make it the last step of your skincare routine. You may choose to skip your usual moisturizer if you are using a leave-on mask.

If you are using a sheet mask, you could substitute the essence in your skincare routine with the mask. Apply a moisturizer to the skin after using the mask to seal the benefits.

How frequent should I use a face mask?

It depends on your skin type, the need of your skin and the types of the masks. The most essential thing is keeping the skin clean, balanced and hydrated.

Skin type quiz

If you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s ok to use hydrating mask for 4-5 times per week. Don’t forget to exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin with cleansing mask once a week! Those with sensitive skin need to be extra careful while choosing your masks. Watch out for mask ingredients that could be too irritating for you.

If you have oily skin, you can use cleansing mask more frequently but no more than three times per week. You can also use hydrating mask for 2-3 times a week.

For combination skin, multi-masking would be a great idea to target specific skin concerns.

So if you are concerned about if face mask could be used everyday, the answer is yes. Just make sure you mix and match different types of masks to cater the need of your skin.

How long should I leave a mask on?

When it comes to face masks, it is very important that you never leave them long enough to dry. Leaving the mask on the skin for too long may cause skin dehydration due to reverse osmosis effect, which pulls nourishment away from your skin.

Besides, applying masks that contain acids like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid for too long may lead to skin irritation. Always follow the instructions of the mask to prevent your skin from getting hurt.

How to choose the right face masks for my skin?

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